About the Book

This book will help you build your personal brand and leverage your brand equity for a successful business and career. The book is designed in a way that as a beginner anyone can begin from the basic level and using the tools and tactics of personal branding they will learn how to evolve as a brand and create their unique identity in this competitive world.


The strategies mentioned in the book are designed on the basis of author’s personal experience and journey of building her own personal brand that assures you the defined results when implemented in a way as explained in the book.


This book will also explain to you how as an entrepreneur you can leverage your personal brand and online presence for a successful business and how can you build your digital tribe, generate more leads to your business using social media platform and digital marketing strategies.


You will also learn how to craft a winning brand communication strategy and share a clear and concise message with your audience for better brand engagement and growing your brand influence.

Pages: 210

Format: Paperback

MRP: INR 1250/-

Author: Nidhi D Tyagi

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Nidhi D Tyagi 

Personal Brand & Social Media Coach


New Delhi, India

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