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the simplest funnel you would ever need to scale your training, coaching & consulting business

2-hr Book Funnel Masterclass

create and automate your book funnel with me

Learn how to grow zero audience to six-figure coaching business with the simplest viable book funnel without wasting time and money on high cost tools and complex system

Do not have a book? No worries, this funnel works for any digital product & can be replicated to multiple products or services

How authors, coaches & consultants can scale their e-learning business using simplest viable funnel system for their book and online courses

Here is what we will learn?

01: Introduction and the big idea behind the concept

02: Strategizing your book funnel system and process 

03: Your 4-step inside funnel conversion sequence (lead magnet to high ticket clients) 

04: Growing your email list and audience with a book

05: Designing your simplest viable book funnel & replicating to online courses

 kick-start your online Brand story and  breakthrough in business

the “funnel” we would feel most comfortable with, starts with a book.

Date: Instant Access

Time: 2 hrs impementation class - Recorded Session

Includes: Exercises, Worksheets & Templates 

This funnel is an absolute no-brainer funnel. Forget the complex and high tech process created with no reason high-cost tools with this simple and minimum viable book funnel & replicate it to.....
  • Facebook Funnel

  • Content Funnel

  • Course Funnel

  • Email Funnel & more....

let's build our Fastest Funnel First

Create your Book Funnel and

🎯Generate leads for your coaching business

🎯Establish your instant credibility

🎯Build audience around your personal brand

🎯Create a high-converting  marketing funnel for your courses

🎯Scale your e-learning business with simplest viable funnel system


Q: I do not have a book, is this session for me?

A: Yes, you can replicate this funnel to any digital product.

Q: What type of book this funnel works for?

A: Any type, Audio. Video, e-book or paperback.

Q: Will this funnel help me with my online courses too?

A: Of course, Yes!

Q: What about learning implementation?

A: You will get exercises, worksheet and templates.

Q: If I register and unable to complete in 2hrs?

A: No worries, you will have free access to the recorded class.

Q: Is this funnel also applicable for the email, webinar, FB Funnel?

A: Yes, you can use it with different funnels.

Q: Is the recording available?

A: Yes recording will be available for unlimited access.

Q: Will there be any upsell after the program?

A: No, only 1-On-1 FREE consultation call.

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