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Unleash the power of your Personal Brand
Personal Brand + Service Brand & Social Media Masterclass

Discover your Super Brand Success Formula

INR 4200 1499/-

Program highlights:


  • Evolve as a brand and create your unique identity

  • Find your niche & establish yourself as an expert in the industry

  • Grow your brand influence and build an engaged audience for your business

  • Leverage your online presence and attract more clients to your product & services

  • Tap into the power of social media, craft a winning brand communication strategy, online marketing plan & drive more conversions. 


Who should attend:


  • Entrepreneurs, business owners

  • Coaches, Consultants

  • Trainers, Freelancers 

  • Sales professionals 

  • Self-employed

  • Start-up owners

Here is what you will learn:

  • Find your niche and establish your value proposition

  • Creating compelling content and share a compelling story to grow your brand

  • Personal branding tools and techniques

  • Building an engaged social media audience for more conversion

  • Creating your digital blueprint for successful online business

  • Social Media Marketing plan and creating an effective Social Media Sales Funnel

  • Designing your customized content marketing model

  • Social Media psychology and online consumer behavior

Program Fee Includes:

  • Personal Brand concepts, tool & techniques

  • Social media branding & Marketing strategies

  • FREE  Branding Kit worth Rs. 3000/- (Video Book + Workbook + ebooks)

  • Digital empowerment to drive more business results through social media

  • Participation certificate

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26 - 28 Feb 2021

Online Workshop

Zoom Meeting

06:00 pm - 8:00 pm (3 days)

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In this masterclass, you will learn to create your own unique superbrand success formula with the strategy to:

🎯Magnify your brand and accelerate your reach
🎯Build a sustainable business around your personal brand
🎯Grow your influence and dominate your niche
🎯Get recognized in your domain and attract opportunities
🎯Establish the right value proposition in your target market

🎯LevelUp your brand to 4X with multidimensional marketing strategies
🎯Creating your unique brand voice and positioning to stand out from the competition

Are you a coach, consultant or freelance trainer?

Do you know the importance of creating your service brand in today’s time of competition when there are so many people providing similar services?

Do you know 65% of purchase judgments are taken only based on your personal brand equity if you are in the above profession?


Turn your prospects into your leads based on the system that converts your brand audience into your customers.

Build your service brand and,

 Establish yourself as an expert in the industry

Establish your unique promise of brand value

Get clients notice and recognize you for your expertise

Drive more conversions by leveraging your online presence

Craft an impactful brand communication message that makes you stand out from the crowd

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