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How to use Facebook Live to host a Webinar

July 23, 2019

Do you know you can use Facebook live to host your webinar?


Though it does not provide the comprehensive webinar tools like other webinar software in the market such as Zoom meeting, Webinar Jam, GoToWebinar etc  but still a good solution to host your free webinar. When all the other webinar service providers charge you good amount for their services, Facebook webinar is free and with no worry about the limit of webinar time, number of attendees and recording space.


Isn’t it amazing?


Let’s know how we can use Facebook Live for hosting a webinar


Scheduling your webinar


  • Go to your page, personal timeline or group where you want to host a webinar

  • Hit live on status update and remain on live preview

  • Click on connect tab > Schedule

  • Select the date and time when you want to go live

  • When you schedule your live video an announcement will be published immediately

  • Verify your live video feed at least 20 minutes before the scheduled start time. To verify it, preview the feed by opening the scheduled video in your Video Library.

  • People following your event will be notified about your scheduled broadcast, and some may be waiting for you at the scheduled start time

  • The live video will begin automatically at the scheduled start time. You must go live within 10 minutes of the scheduled time or your video will be canceled.



Engaging your audience with poll


You can create poll to engage your audience during the live session


Before you go live do these settings


  • Click on connect tab > Engage your audience

  • Type poll question and set answers

  • Publish your poll during the live session to engage your audience

  • You can also choose to let people poll even after the live session when they will watch recording


Share your Screen


  • You can share your Computer screen (so you can share your ppt as well)

  • You can select to share entire screen, particular app or chrome window

  • You have to choose this before going live whether you want to go live with camera or want to share your screen

  • You can choose any one option as you can not switch between them during the session, you can either share your screen or come on camera




Downloading your live session video to computer


Once your session is over you can download the recorded session to you computer and can share on other platform as video


To download your video follow these steps


  • Once your live session is over hit "done" do not click on cancel or your video will not be saved

  • Your video will be uploaded on your timeline after a while where you have hosted the session

  • Once it is ready to watch, click on the video a bigger screen will open

  • Click on three dots on top right corner and download video

  • You video will be downloaded and you can share it on other platform such as WhatsApp, YouTube etc


Hope you liked this amazing feature and want to explore it now. Do invite me to join your live session :)


Happy Live streaming!




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