Mission Vocab - 10K

An interesting and interactive way to enhance your vocabulary.
Learn 10,000 words in just 3 months/15 minutes a day and gain indomitable confidence in English speaking, writing, reading and listening.

A rich vocabulary is key to good communication skills. By using my simple tricks and tips, I assure your vocabulary treasure to reach 10,000 words in the next 3 months.


Considering the current vocabulary power to be 3000 words for an average English speaker, we will make it to 5000 in the first month and the rest of 5000 in the next 2 months.


We will also learn the techniques to remember the words easily. Know the secret of “RFIU” plan which will help you learn 40-45 words in a day.


We can speak good English if we know 5,000 words and we can speak and write excellent English if we know 10,000 words. And if we want to become a prominent writer & communicator, a good vocabulary gives us an additional advantage.


And a fair knowledge of 10,000 words is more than enough to be familiar with almost all the words we come across in our everyday life and daily conversation or through any information sources like a book, newspapers, news channels or the internet and to speak fluent English and become a flawless writer. This course is ideal for professionals as the level is medium to advance.


Are you ready for the Mission Vocab 10K

Nidhi D Tyagi 

Passion2Profit Consultant | Personal Brand & Social Media Coach


New Delhi, India

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