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Learn Personal Branding with a

Video Book

About the book:

This book will help you build your personal brand and leverage your brand equity for a successful business and career. The book is designed in a way that as a beginner anyone can begin from the basic level and using the tools and tactics of personal branding they will learn how to evolve as a brand and create their unique identity in this competitive world.

The strategies mentioned in the book are designed on the basis of the author’s personal experience and journey of building her own personal brand that assures you the defined results when implemented in a way as explained in the book.

This book will also explain to you how as an entrepreneur you can leverage your personal brand and online presence for a successful business and how can you build your digital tribe, generate more leads to your business using social media platforms and digital marketing strategies.

You will also learn how to craft a winning brand communication strategy and share a clear and concise message with your audience for better brand engagement and growing your brand influence.

7 Days 35 Chapters

30-40 minutes daily videos

Lifetime access

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Here is what you will learn



 Introduction and concept of Personal Branding

  1. What is Personal Branding?

  2. Why is Personal Branding important?

  3. What are the attributes of an effective Personal Brand?

  4. How to build a career brand for a rewarding career?

  5. How can Personal Branding help me grow my business?

  6. How can Personal Branding help me establish my authority & being known as an expert?


Brand discovery and identification of your personal brand elements

  1. Where and how to start building my Personal Brand?

  2. Finding 4Ps of your Personal Brand

  3. Steps to find your niche and target audience

  4. How to identify your unique brand elements?

  5. Crafting your Personal Brand statement & biography

  6. How to grow your brand influence?


Brand communication plan and strategy

  1. How to communicate your brand with the world?

  2. 3M model for simplified brand communication

  3. 4Cs of a brand communication plan

  4. How to prepare an effective elevator pitch for your brand


Communicating your brand online

  1. How to use storytelling to build your brand?

  2. How to create brand awareness with content marketing?

  3. How to use blogging to build your brand audience?

  4. How to become a social media influencer?

  5. How to establish your value proposition with impactful brand communication?


Marketing & Promoting your personal brand

  1. How to develop an effective social media marketing & branding strategy?

  2. How to drive more conversion to your business using social media funnel?

  3. Upside Down Triangle marketing strategy for creating brand awareness

  4. How to implement a call to action plan to convert your digital tribe into business leads?

  5. How to write compelling content for your social media campaigns?


Building and growing your brand audience on social media

  1. How to optimize your social media profiles?

  2. Enhancing your social media networking quotient

  3. How to grow your network on social media?

  4. How to drive more brand engagement using social media psychology?


Managing your personal brand offline & online

  1. What are the 3 pillars of our Personal Brand?

  2. Effective use of social media platforms

  3. Social media productivity hacks & planner

  4. How to build and manage your online reputation?

  5. How to create your digital footprints?

Here are your 4 e-book bonuses

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LinkedIn e-book.png
Blogging e-book.png
Storytelling e-book.png

E-book(1): Personal Branding on LinkedIn

E-book(2): Personal branding on Facebook

E-book(3): Blogging for Personal Branding

E-book(4): Story-telling for Personal Branding

About the author

Nidhi D Tyagi is a Personal Branding & Social Media Coach

She is a certified trainer with more than 10 years of industry experience. She has done an international certification in Marketing Psychology. She is a blogger, writer, keynote speaker Author of the book "Evolve as a Brand" and founder of iBrand Consulting™.

She conducts seminars and training on Personal Branding, Strategic Brand Communication, Social Media Marketing and Digital Influence. She has been successfully facilitating people with their Personal, Career and business brand. She has trained 5000+ entrepreneurs with her online and offline program and she is also associated with renowned corporates as a social media consultant and trainer. 

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Instant Access Process: 


Once your payment is successful, you will receive the access details at email along with payment confirmation

Access Validity: Lifetime

What is a Video Book? 


The book "Evolve as a Brand" of 210 pages is narrated for you in the voice of the author along with the slides, illustrations and topics to make it much easier for the readers to understand and consume, so called a video book. :)

Inside you will get: 

1 Video Book (7 Days, 35 Chapters, 30-40 minutes daily videos)

4 Downloadable E-books

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