Nidhi D Tyagi 

Personal Brand & Social Media Coach


New Delhi, India

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Unleash the power of your Personal Brand

Session outline:



Personal Branding Tools & Techniques:

  • Checking your personal brand index

  • 4Ps of Personal Branding

  • YouniQ Card

  • Personal Branding questionnaire

  • Social Media Checklist & Calendar

  • Social Media Sales Funnel

  • Upside down triangle strategy of Social Media Marketing

  • Checking your Social Media networking quotient

  • Social Media Profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)


Program Content:


(I)Personal Brand introduction & Discovery


1. Find & create your personal brand

  • Concept of a personal brand

  • Find your niche and identify your target audience

  • Find 4Ps of your personal brand

  • Identify your brand elements (YouniQ card)

  • C.I.D. approach to growing your brand influence



(II)Communicating your brand with the world



2. Brand Communication Strategy

  • 4Cs of brand communication

  • Preparing an elevator pitch

  • Write your Personal brand statement(PBS)

  • Storytelling to build your brand

  • Blogging & Content Marketing

  • Influencer marketing


(III)Promoting your brand & building your brand audience


3. Social Media Funnel & Marketing plan​​

  • Social media marketing & branding (Upside down triangle strategy)

  • Building your online community/tribe/audience

  • Creating an effective social media sales funnel

  • Running an effective social media adverts

  • Email marketing(Mailchimp)


4. Effective use of social media platforms

  • Optimising your social media profiles(Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter)

  • Effective use of social media bio & cover pages

  • Growing your network

  • Use of hashtag to reach more audience

  • Checking our social media networking quotient

  • Social media productivity hacks (Calendar & Checklist)


(IV)Developing & Managing your brand ecosystem


5. Social media psychology & behaviour

  • Color psychology

  • Picture psychology

  • Social media behaviours

  • Social media algorithm


6. Create your own digital footprints (DIY)

  • Creating content for your website

  • Building your website from the scratch

  • Social media plugins & applications​​