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Nidhi D. Tyagi
Aug 14

Plan your content on LinkedIn


Edited: Aug 17


We have to plan our content on LinkedIn to get good results from this platform. If we keep sharing random content without any plan it will not build our personal brand and we will not get expected outcome. So here I am explaining what type of content you can post on LinkedIn and how to plan it.


Attraction Content


Attraction content is shared to grab the attention of wider audience, grow your profile audience and increasing the profile visibility, encouraging engagement. Sharing engaging videos, pictures, motivation or inspirational posts, encouraging discussion on posts, trending topics, stories are few of the examples of attraction content.


Here I am sharing the examples of attraction content from my timeline

(Click to view the post)


Example 01

Example 02




Storytelling is also a type of attraction content and best performing content on LinkedIn. When you share an engaging story it reaches to more news feeds as everyone likes the story.

Stories boost your profile performance and get you good engagement on your posts.


Here I am sharing example of few storytelling post from my timeline:


Example of story sharing

Example 01

Example 02


Promotional Content


Promotional content is to market your brand, skills and making people aware of your business, services or products with the help of the content. It is not about advertising or selling anything but only promoting yourself through content. Sharing your program pictures, certificates, receiving awards, client testimonials, customer story, how do you help people, sharing tips and niche blogs, sharing your expertise, educational videos are few examples for promational content.


Example 01

Example 02



Conversion Content


Conversion content are the post to sell something directly on your wall, offer shout out, encouraging people to buy your product or services, advertising your business directly.


Example 01

Example 02

Example 03


How to plan your content


You need to plan your content in a way so that is keeps the algorithm happy and LinkedIn supports you to reach more people. When we promote ourselves too much on any channel be it Facebook or LinkedIn we actually make the platform unhappy with our content as none of these channels like advertisement, why they do not like? because we as a user do not want to see so many of ads on our timeline. We are there to socialize but not to buy anything, agree?


So the algorithm won't like anything which user do not like to see. We want to see useful information, motivation, inspiration, we seek learning from other members, we want to see how you can help me but not through advertisement but through a well planned content.

We need to build our personal brand, establish trust on our followers, and be known as a thought leader, social selling leader before we go out to sell on social media. Advertising our business directly is not gonna work to get organic leads.


Post more of the attraction content on your timeline, make it around 50-60% of your timeline story. Grow your audience and build your brand.


Promotional content can be 20-40% and conversion content can make maximum of the 20% of the timeline story.


You can prepare your weekly calendar in this way:


4 attraction post, 2 promotional post, 1 conversion post in a week




Monthly, you can plan like this:


2 attraction content in a week, 1 promotional content every week, 2 conversion content in a month, this is just an example how you can plan it for yourself.


Plan your content now for LinkedIn




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  • Nidhi D. Tyagi
    Aug 20

    There are two way of using hashtags on LinkedIn (1) Following hashtags You follow few hashtags to receive specific content on your news feed along with the regular content and participate in the relevant discussions. For example if you follow #entrepreneurs so LinkedIn algorithm will show you the post related to this hashtag and this will give you an opportunity to participate in discussion where you can grow your profile visibility among your target audience. If you use #career #jobsearch #interview etc you will reach people who must be looking for job change, corporate professionals, students who are searching job. How to follow relevant hashtags? Go to Homepage>click on My network and the will show you following window > Click on Hashtags> then click on "follow fresh perspectives" to follow new hashtags of your choice You may follow as many related to your business but 15-20 would be sufficient. I am currently following 9 hashtags. (2)Add hashtags to your post You can reach more audience and grow your post views by adding relevant hashtags to your post. Hashtags help users find content on a specific topic. And, if you add hashtags to your content, it will get discovered by other users, including those who not connected to you and this way you can reach more audience. Your hashtags should be relevant to your post, using no related or trending hashtags just to get attention is not perceived well by your audience. Do not use too many hashtags, 3 hashtags works best. If you use more that three your post will go downstream in the search and algorithm. Where to add hashtags on your post? Use them while writing a post, the position of the hashtag does not matter you can use them anywhere in your post. What kind of hashtags you can use? There are 3 kind of hashtags which you can use to your post (1) Post Content: These hashtags are directly related to your post content and closest in defining your post context. Such as if I share Facebook tips with my audience I will use #Facebook . If you share the job search tips them #jobsearch (2) Generic or Trending: These are the trending and generic hashtags which may not represent the content but the niche of the content. Or generic words related to your content. For example if I share Facebook tips and I use #Socialmedia if you share job search tips you use #career (3) Business or Brand hashtags: These hashtags are related to your business or brand name. These hashtags may not help you reach more people in beginning as they are created by you for your business but consistent use of these hashtags will help you reach your target audience in your network and promote your business. For example I use #ibrand this is related to my company name Ibrand Consulting. These hashtags should be chosen carefully. These hashtags should not be taken from trending or generic hashtags but should be unique to your business. In my following post I have used all the 3 kind of hashtags #LinkedIn is a post content hashtag #Socialmedia is a trending and generic hashtag #ibrand is my business and brand hashtag Find trending hashtags on LinkedIn: Click on my network>hashtags choose mostly used hashtags related to your business, brand or target audience. Hashtags are quite powerful on social media, if used in a proper way they will help your grow you audience, reach your target audience and be found by the right people.
  • Nidhi D. Tyagi
    Jun 12

    Here I am sharing few tips as how you can use LinkedIn in an effective way and can drive more results by spending just 5 minutes a day: But before you start using it ensure that, -You have optimised your LinkedIn profile with proper DP, Cover Page, Headline and Bio. -Your profile in an All Start profile. 5 minutes productivity hacks: Start sending the connection request to the people who matter to your business or career and accept the requests received by you with some filters. Follow few infuencers and participate in the topic initiated by them. Congratulate and wish people on their achievement, like their career updates. Start sharing your story or initiate the topic for discussion Engage on at least 10 post with your comments and like few post which interest you. These all activities will not take more than 5 minutes and that is the least average time you should spend on this platform to bring some visible results. And yes, be patient when you start, first few days may not show you the instant results but once you become regular your profile performance will keep improving.
  • Nidhi D. Tyagi
    Jun 4

    LinkedIn is an amazing platform to share your message across and reaching your target audience. On LinkedIn stories are very popular content marketing tool as it attracts the higher engagement and views to your post. Why Stories? Here are few reasons why you should write stories on LinkedIn: Grow your network Establish you as an expert Become LinkedIn Influencer Build your tribe Drive more engagement Builds credibility Thought leadership Increase your profile visibility What kind of stories? You can share any interesting incident, your experience or your learning in the form of a story that your target audience can relate to and get some learning out of it. When sharing an story take care of these elements in your story: It should be interesting Has some learning Audience can relate to Well drafted and concise Do not elaborate unless needed Here I am sharing the example of my most popular story on LinkedIn: This story has got 8 lac+ Likes and 35K+ comments on it, see what makes it so engaging and interesting. Story Link To help you begin writing the stories here I am sharing few plots where you can write your story: Find a link for most engaging story from an influencer on LinkedIn: Story link Every one likes to read stories and when people relate to stories they feel connected to you and this builds a relationship with your audience and your credibility on the platform.