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  • Nidhi D. Tyagi

Creating your brand avatar!

Many people ask me, what is personal branding?

And may have their own views, such as, it is about promoting yourself, marketing your skills or promoting your business.

Though everything written above is right, but personal branding is something more than this.

Personal branding is creating your own “brand avatar”.

Let’s take an example to understand this,

You may be introvert, emotionally not so strong, you may feel little nervous while speaking in public. But when it comes to your brand avatar it is entirely different. You are perceived to be confident, emotionally strong and very extrovert. Because that is how you portray your personal attributes to the world. And this is not because you pose to be so, but because you have consistently worked on these brand elements to be the part of your brand avatar.

Personal branding is also being the best of yourself, achieving personal excellence in what you are good at. Being socially known and respectful in what you do.

"Personal branding is the perseverance and consistency toward our life goal"

This is not what we achieve but how we achieve that success while being an inspiration to others.

In simple words, Personal branding is, how to..

Be known, be found, be remembered!

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