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  • Nidhi D. Tyagi

Why you need a website for your Personal Brand

You might have this question in your mind, if I already have a website for my company then why do I need a website for my personal brand, let me answer you, if I have a website for our business still why we need for my personal brand?

You look for a job. You create your resume? Right?

You sell your product or services, you need your resume as well. Your website is your online resume or digital profile.

Your personal brand has more impact on your business reputation than any other advertisement. There are 10 times more possibilities that people will do business with you if they know you rather than just your company. You may not want to lose this opportunity, of course not.

I’m not saying that you need a cumbersome website with whole lot of information, even a website with just a homepage will work. People will not judge your business on how much content do you put on your website but just clicking on your domain and checking the home page will also work for your personal brand reputation.

But yes one thing to remember, your content should be optimized and placed strategically on your website to solve the purpose of personal branding.

So now, let’s learn about what’s the benefit of having a personal brand website:

1. Building trust - yes, if you have a website with your domain name. Such as I have one with People will be more confident to do business with you and you will gain more credibility over your competitors.

2. Building your community – your website will help you build your community. You need a place where you can invite your customers or audience to come and have a look on your brand and your story. Your website is that best place. Moreover you need a website to divert your personal brand audience to your business or company website. You can also divert your website visitors to any place such as Youtube channel, WhatsApp group, Facebook group, LinkedIn group etc to build your community.

3. More conversion – your website will add to your personal brand value. People may want to visit your website before taking your services or buying your products. You must have listened about landing pages? Yes, landing pages can also be created on website for more conversion.

4. Competitive advantage - No need to say more if we have a website we have an edge over our competitors or people in the same domain.

5. Multiple business opportunities - If we have a personal brand website we can divert the traffic generated through website to our multiple businesses. As people know us with our name but not from a specific business. This is the advance of building a personal brand and the website with our name.

6. Copyright content - your web address will help you get a copyright. Where ever you share the content on web just mention your web address and it secures your copyright as it is unique to you and you have the ownership on the website. Else other name can be duplicate. There can be many people with your name but web address is unique.

So there were few benefits of having a personal brand website.

For what business you need to have personal brand website?

Any, doctors, interior designer, consultant, trainer, coach, business owner…and the list goes on

Whatever business you are doing you will need a website.


If you want any help or guidance for your personal brand website WhatsApp or call me at 7838997777

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