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  • Nidhi D. Tyagi

Write your business story on Social Media

Are you writing your business story on social media?

Your business story on social media can help your prospect know more about your business, services, create trust and build your business credibility.But how to write a business story that has an impact on your customers. Are you doing this now? If not, start creating your story from today.

Here I am sharing few tips with you how you can write your business story on social media:

1. Your social media timeline: I would suggest all the businesses to create their Facebook page and start posting on the timeline on regular basis. Do not get discouraged even if you do not have much organic engagement on your post. People who want to interact with your brand would surely love to watch your timeline story. You can share your client testimonials, your customer experience, product features, values, some inspiring quotes, your team pictures, pictures of your sales staff closing the deals, your achievements and many more. There is so much to include in the story.

2. Your website: I have realized that many small business owners do not give emphasis on having a comprehensive website for their business and few of them even do not have any website. And if they have the website they are concerned about the website traffic. They believe that if there is not good traffic on my website than why to have one. People can interact with me personally for all the information. Having a website for each business is must because it is the place where customers find each and every information about your business at one place. Not everyone would like to contact you for the information and many times your prospects lose the interest to do business with you due to lack of information. Your website is also a place to gather your customer details and generating leads. So have a website which tells your business story.

3. Social media cover pages: Let your visitors know about your business with the help of social media cover pages or photo. You can create slide show, add video or demonstrate your products at this place. Cover pages are the first section which grabs the attention of your visitor and can convert them to your business leads. Use it wisely to share your business story with your community.

4. Facebook Groups: With the recent changes in Facebook algorithm the groups are more interactive and updated with many interesting features. Facebook groups are the perfect place to nurture your business leads and engage them with your business story. Amazon keeps adding their sellers to a Facebook group and regularly engage with them. I also have a group where I keep sharing social media tips with my tribe. Create a group and add like-minded people in that group keep engaging them with your brand story.

5. LinkedIn Pages: What can be a better place to promote your business among the professional by using the feature of LinkedIn pages. If you have not created your page yet create it today. Do not worry about the traffic. Your leads will be directed to the page through your personal profile but if you do not have any page you have no place to showcase your business profile on LinkedIn. Yes, No place. As LinkedIn algorithm do not like you to promote too much of your business on your personal timeline. So create it today and keep sharing your business story there. Your prospects will love to see this when they find you to maintain a page on LinkedIn.

Engage your target audience with your business story before you expect them to buy from you. Social Media has given us many opportunities to share our story with our prospects and building a strong brand reputation. Use it wisely to get the attention of your prospects and engage with your customers.


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