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  • Nidhi D. Tyagi

Dealing With Hurtful Comments Online

Sometimes we receive negative or hurtful comments on social media. While we can’t always get away from negativity, we can at least manage it better.

Here are few tips to deal with negative comments online:

1.The easiest option is simply do not respond, no one is going to look at you badly just because you never responded.

2.If you do feel the need to respond, take some time to think about what you’re going to say

3.Think twice before you respond to any negative comments

4.Read your comment out loud to see how it sounds, your words should come in a way you intend

5.Finally, check for typos and errors

Do not respond any negative comment immediately you receive them, take some time and then respond. And if you feel your response will lead the conversation to the controversy, it's recommended to avoid responding to such comments.

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