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  • Nidhi D. Tyagi

How to grow your Facebook Personal account followers

Unlike Facebook Fan page followers the personal account followers are more engaged on your posts as they are the people who really wish to see your update regularly. You can not gain them through Facebook Ads, they are organic followers.

These followers can see your public posts. They see your posts in News Feed on their timeline. Friends follow your posts by default, but you can also allow people who are not your friends to follow your public posts. Use setting to choose who can follow you.

Check if you have enabled the setting to let people follow your personal account.

To enable follow these steps:

Setting>Public Posts>who can follow me>select Public

If you want to see the list of people who follow you:

Go to friends tab> click on more tab at the end > click followers

How to make people follow your personal Facebook account?

If you are regularly active on Facebook you keep gaining the followers by itself but the results are not same for every one as there are many factors that come into consideration such as how many posts you share as public, have you allowed everyone to send you friend request, who can look you up on Facebook, the statistics of your profile visibility etc.

Here I am sharing few tips that can help you grow your followers on personal account:

1. Ensure that you do not share all your post only with your friends, make few of them visible to public.

2. Your friends can share only your public posts so ensure that you check your setting while updating your post and make it public. If you get your posts shared you get more profile visibility.

3. Put your own picture as DP

4. Your public bio is the only section that is visible to everyone on Facebook ensure that you have put enough information to let people know about you.

5. Join few relevant groups according to your interest or where you find your target audience, such as if you are a teacher join students groups and be active there.

6. Initiate few topic of discussion in groups that will increase your profile visibility when people get engaged in the discussion.

7. Participate in the discussions of your interest in few groups, put your comments, share your views.

8. You don’t need be serious always and share only your work relates stuffs on your timeline or in groups. It’s ok to be funny and engage wide audience to your posts and comments. That will enhance your profile visibility and people would love to follow a witty person like you.

9. Facebook live is also the good option for your profile awareness, you can come live in few groups and share your knowledge.

10. Join Facebook live events and put your valuable comments there so that people tend to see your profile and if they want to be connected with you they will follow your public account or will send you a friend request.

11. Limit your friend requests and let more people follow your account

Go to setting>Privacy>Who can send you friend request>Friends of Friends

12. Share such content which people would like to share on thier timeline to get more profile visibility

The number of followers on your personal account defines your profile popularity and credibility. But ensure not to make it public until you have at least 250 number of followers.

I have seen people making the number public even if they have 5-10 followers, that puts a negative impression on your profile influence and adds no positive point.

Though you keep gaining the followers on Facebook Personal account based on your activity and popularity but these tips will help you grow the number which you can proudly make public. Remember, gaining these followers is a slow process but in some cases if few of your posts get popularity that will give you a speedy results. Once a Facebook live on my friend’s timeline had given me 180-190 followers in one go as it received good a number of views and my name was tagged on it.


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