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  • Nidhi D. Tyagi

How to use social media psychology to market your business

Do you want to drive more engagement on your social media ads, post or content? Knowing about social media psychology will help you create the content that attracts more engagement, create better relationship with your audience and bring your customers closer to your brand. Here I am sharing few psychology tips which you can implement to your social media marketing strategies:

1. Color: Colors play an important role to your marketing. Color is involved in every aspect of branding and advertising. The type of color combination you choose for your advertisement has very much significance on the performance of your marketing plans. Using too many colors or overdoing your content with odd color combinations will disengage your audience and you will experience low performance on your ads. The color also tells your business personality, brand values and help establishing the reinforcement image of your brand. Every color depicts their own story and definition such as Red is the energetic, aggressive, yet filled with emotion, red is powerful. Blue depicts coolness, stability, trust, purity, intelligence. So the color you use helps your brand establish the value of your product and services.

2. Text: The font, size and color of your content have a significant impact on how your content is perceived by your audience. For an example using capital letters where if it irrelevant shows an aggressive marketing or push marketing. Or using the bold color fonts where the ad content is to target babies or patients may not have a very good impression on your advertisement. The combination of color you choose and the font you use for your marketing should be taken consciously but not randomly while preparing your ad content. The fonts also depict few characteristics such as Serif fonts (Times New roman, Book Antiqua etc) are the most commonly used fonts. These fonts are neutral, reliable, respectable & dependable. So choose these fonts when you are targeting professionals through your social media ads.

3. Images: In this era of microinteraction use of right images will help you grab more attraction to your brand. Also the portion of text you use over the image will decide the performance of your ad on social media. Images are to grab the attention of prospects while text is just to communicate them for what you want to have their attention. The Image should not be very informative but attractive to attract the attention of the larger audience.

4. Likes: Why people like our post? Why do they hit like button on our advertisement? If we understand the psychology behind this we get more engagement on our content. Unlike getting the likes on your personal account posts the psychology behind liking a commercial post is quite different. Users will like the post which resonate their personality. Just think why you have liked any sponsored post on Facebook last time. Users also like the ad of the product which they wish to possess whether they ever buy it or not. They will like the ad which has the image that triggers their love, liking or urgency to get that product.

5. Share: People love to share the stuff that describes their personality, defines who they are. People share to tell the world what they care about and what do they like. On social media people share the content to connect with like-minded people and to grow their community. They share to support a cause. Sharing is all about creating relationship with your community and target audience. Brands build the relationship with their audience by sharing the stuff that resonate their personality and social needs.

6. Comment: Getting comments on your commercial posts can be tricky. People will not like or comment them because they want to promote your stuff, yes they don’t. They will comment if they feel involved. They will comment if you provide them some reason to do so. Unlike the audience who want to buy your product or services the general audience may comment to get attention or to share their views about your product. According to a research, 80% of the time social media users what to talk about themselves so they leave a roo6m for 20% of the time for you or other stuff on social media. This can be challenging but if we know the psychology behind it, we can market our content effectively. The posts which get more engagement with comments are those which let their customer speak about them, share their views, ask for suggestions or let them discuss their liking and love for the product.

The knowledge of consumer psychology and especially the psychology behind social media behavior will help us become a successful marketer on social media, reach our target audience easily and building a better relationship with our customers. I will be back soon with some more interesting fact about social media psychology.


Marketing based on Consumer Psychology We all are different so do the way we receive and process the information from this outside world. Our customers are segregated based on their different psychology patterns and the behaviour. So if we are using the standard way of marketing to target our audience that will not to get us desired results and more conversions. Learn social media marketing and branding strategies based on the latest methodology accredited by American Institute of Business Psychology in my upcoming workshop.

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