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  • Nidhi D. Tyagi

Cross-posting Vs. Cross-promotion, what is better for social media?

Cross posting or cross promotion? What is better to be more productive on social media and at the same time effective too?

When we have so many social media platforms to manage it can be time consuming, overwhelming and sometimes less productive but with few tools and features we can make it easily manageable and productive.

For more impact on social media we have to stay in touch with your community and need to share our content consistently else very soon we will go down in the stream of social media crowd. To keep up with the pace of social media algorithm we need to be consistently active on our digital platforms. For many of us social media automation might seem to be a good idea but it will not always have the same impact and results than engaging yourself humanly.

There are several cross-posting tools available on the market. But there are also many reasons why cross-posting is not a better choice than cross-promotion. In this article, I will tell you the pros and cons of both and also the difference in both the concepts.

Cross-Post: It is the automated process provided by social media platforms to post your content on different platforms. Such as you post on Instagram and it is automatically shared on Facebook at the same time. The main cause we shall not always cross-post is that not all platforms are compatible with each other to cross post and your content looks poorly formatted when seen on other platform.

One example of this cross-posting on Instagram to Twitter. I never prefer these two platform for crosspost as the look and feel for the content is distorted while it may save time but will have very less engagement.

The platform I prefer to crosspost is Instgram to Facebook (Not vice versa), Linkedin to Twitter. However I do not always prefer cross-posting from Twitter to Facebook and Youtube to Twitter. You can crosspost your Wordpress content to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn as it is well formatted and managed.

Cross-post from LinkedIn to Twitter

Cross-post from Instagram to Twitter

Cross-Promote: Cross-promotion may be time consuming but more effective in getting results and engagement. Cross-promotion basically means to promote your content in a way that fits each network’s and audience characteristics and preferences. When you cross promote your content you share it manually on each platform.

Despite having pros and cons Cross posting and promotion both are necessary if done properly and with the right strategy. We may have few similar sets of audience on different platform but the visibility is limited on each platform. So it becomes vital for us to cross-post and cross-promote our content on each platform to get maximum visibility. But the challenge is that you have to put the right content at the right platform on the right time.

Although there are lots of tools to cross post your content and effective when we have to be aggressively active on many platforms but I would suggest to choose selective platform and cross promote your content. Cross posting may save our time but sometime it can be overwhelming for you audience.


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