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Nidhi D. Tyagi
Oct 21

10 Tips to grow your website traffic



1. Blogging: Blogging gets you organic website traffic. Write blogs and share with your network, social media connection, WhatsApp etc. If you write guest blogs do mention your website in your bio. If you write blogs on LinkedIn publishing platform or any other blogging platform such as Wordpress or Medium, mention your website at the end of the blog to encourage your readers to check your website.


2. Cross-promotion: Mention your website link on all your different social media platforms' bio wherever you are present so that you can divert your social media audience to your website.


3. SEO: Complete your SEO with proper keywords related to your business and brand to receive the right traffic to your website. Ensure on-page optimization.


4. Advertise: If you sell your products at your website you can also run paid ads to get more traffic to your website and higher conversion for your products. You can go for Google ads or Facebook ads.


5. Landing pages: Instead of selling your products and services on third-party platform or on social media channels, sell them at your website directly through landing pages to get more website traffic.


6. Content marketing: Mention your web address every time you share your content on social media, for example, if you write the quotations, share posters on the timeline then do mention your website with that content.


7. Cover pages: You can also mention your website address on the social media profile cover pages to let your visitor know that you have a website and encourage them to check it. For example Facebook, LinkedIn cover pages, Youtube channel art.


8. Video Marketing: If you do video marketing, you are a Youtuber or your share video content with your network through any channel, you can mention your website at the end of the video.


9. Email Marketing: Email marketing is also a great tool to get qualified visitors to your website and retarget your audience to convert them as your website visitor.


10. Website speed: Make sure your website takes less than 15 seconds to load your homepage. The ideal time would be 5-10 seconds if it takes more time your visitors will bounce back without waiting for it to open. The faster your website loads the better it is for your website traffic.

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    Here are few tips what all elements your landing page may have -The benefits/USP/features of your offering/ product or services · Summary/Bullet points of benefits · Detailed features -Images/Videos · In the context of the use of product or services · Client’s testimonials -Introduction of the product or services/summary -Price details/special offer -Call to action · Buy/subscribe/download etc · Payment/Checkout button · Lead form -Social Shares -FAQs -Your contact details in case of query You do not require to choose all but as many as you can to give comprehensive details to help your visitors take action to buy your products or services.
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    While you can’t always get away from negativity, you can at least manage it better, Here are 5 tips to deal with negative comments: 1.The first and easiest option is simply do not respond, no one is going to look at you badly just because you never responded. 2.If you do feel the need to respond, take some time to think about what you’re going to say 3.Think twice before you respond to any negative comments 4.Read your comment out loud to see how it sounds, your words should come in a way you intend 5.Finally, check for typos and errors
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    Many of you must be aware that now we can link our Facebook business/Fanpage to Facebook Groups . But are we aware of the real benefit of this feature? Let's see few of the benefits, Benefits of linking group to page: Collect your community at one place Save your efforts and time in posting on two different places Post, comment and like as a page in your groups Increase your page views and organic page likes and followers Your page will show your linked Group and it's activity hence more people tend to join your group as per their interest. How to link your Facebook fanpage to groups. Ensure that you are an admin of both the page and the group. Go to your Page and click Settings Click on Edit Page Scroll down to look at the tabs Click on "Add a Tab" at the bottom Select "Groups" Now click at Page Go to the Group Tab shows up in the left hand navigation bar Click on "Link Group" Select the group to link Click "Link"