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Nidhi Tyagi is a Branding Professional who helps build your personal brand to stand out in a digital world. She will help you find your brand essence and effectively project them to your prospects to magnify your brand influence.
She will also strategize an effective and customized social media marketing funnel for you, where you can actively engage and convert your digital tribe into a profitable online business.

She is an author of 5 books on branding and Founder of iBrand Consulting.
Personal Branding, Social Media
About Nidhi

Personal Brand  & Social Media Coach |

Founder iBrand Consulting™

Nidhi Tyagi holds a master’s degree in management and a diploma in training & development. She is a certified trainer with a rich industry experience. She is a blogger, writer, keynote speaker and founder of iBrand Consulting TM.

She conducts seminars and training on Personal Branding, Strategic Brand Communication, Social Media Marketing and Digital Influence. She has been successfully facilitating entrepreneurs, trainers, coaches and consultants with their Personal brand and developing a system to turn their passion into profit.

Her services aim to introduce clarity and self-progression towards growing and leveraging your brand. She also shares the techniques to effectively manage the digital platforms to stand out in the digital world and leverage your digital presence into a profitable online business.

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