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  • Nidhi D. Tyagi

5 useful tips for building the digital you

Today we spend most of the time being a digital avatar of ourselves, be it Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter or any other social media channel.

When it comes to our social communication or interaction, we are more active on these digital channels than in real world. Every time we share any content using any of the digital media, that reflects a part of our personality trait and can also have an impact on our real life. So it becomes vital for us to become conscious while building the digital “I”.

Here I share 5 tips that can be taken into consideration while building a digital you:

1. Be yourself: while interacting digitally be yourself and don’t try to become different that you really are. If you’re an entrepreneur, CEO or a thought leader, authenticity is the key to your personal branding and building a trust among your target audience.

2. Use proper channel: every media is meant for a specific purpose, such as Linkedin is for professional networking. So, it is better to avoid posting your personal stuff there. Use the right platform to share a different kind of messages. Such as sharing your birthday pictures or family photograph on Linkedin shall not have a good impact on your professional platform.

3. Don’t be spammy: remember you are not the only one to share the content on social media. Respect your followers and connections. They do not expect to hear from you every time they check their timeline. They may unfollow your content and may miss any useful information from you in future.

4. Verify Information: don’t fall prey to rumors by forwarding any information from unreliable sources. It’s always good to verify it before forwarding or posting such content on your social media account. Remember once the information is shared by us, we become the secondary source of that information. People may distrust us if we share any information without checking its credibility.

5. Keep it offline: sometimes it is good to keep few personal matters offline and not to show our resentment on social media. Anyone may have personal problems in their life but it is better if we keep them offline. Similarly, sometimes we react to few social or political issues in aggression or uncontrollable emotional state. Avoid these reactions as you may write something wrong or controversial.

The thoughts, ideas or views we share on social media help people creating a perception about us who are connected with us in the virtual world. Here we connect with them through words and pictures so it is important for us to be careful of what we share being a digital avatar of ourselves.

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