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  • Nidhi D. Tyagi

5 reasons why you must have a Facebook Page for your business

There is a misconception that because Facebook pages do not have much organic engagement so it does not make much difference if we don’t have any. Here I am sharing 5 top reasons why you must have a Facebook Page for your business.

(1)Getting website traffic: Due to much increased online crowd there is hardly any visitor comes to your website directly. We have to divert them from different social media channels. Facebook page is the best place to grab the attention of your customer towards your business and diverting them to your website to seek more information. Your page provides direct call to action where your visitors can be diverted to your business website.

(2)Cover Pages: Use cover pages to show your upcoming events, product launch, special offer or the latest news which you want your prospects to know. Cover pages are the best section to grab the attention immediately someone is on your page through any source.

(3)Your Business story: Your Facebook page tells your business story when your prospects come to your page and scroll down to know about your business. They have much visual information that depicts your business story. But remember to keep your page active and live by sharing your update in regular interval. Your customers may lose interest if they see a much old post on your timeline believing that you are no longer active in your business.

(4)Building your community: If you are running any Facebook group, you can also link your Facebook business page to Facebook Groups and collect your community at one place. You can also Post, comment and like as a page in your groups that will increase the visibility of your business and gets you more page followers. Your page will show your linked Groups and its activity hence more people tend to join your group as per their interest.

(5) Building business credibility: Get the recommendation and reviews from your customers on your business page and build the credibility of your business among your prospects. Customers are more likely to buy from you when they see the recommendations from your past customers. This also builds the reputation of your business. The number of followers you have on the page will also signify the popularity of your business and build more confidence to take a decision.

So even if you do not have much engagement on your Facebook Page do not stop being active there, you never know when someone wants to see your business story before buying your products or services and where better than a Facebook business page you can share your story with your customers.


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Ludhiana 24 Feb 2019

Mumbai 10 Mar 2019

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